BVRio participates in new Brazil Coalition Task Force

In September, the Brazil Coalition created a Task Force – Força-Tarefa da Coalizão Brasil – (FT) dedicated to the Forest Code. One of the main purposes of the new group is to promote the alignment of the many discussions involving the Code that take place in the different FTs and Dialogue Forums of the movement.

The Forest Code is one of the leading elements of many of the Coalition’s proposals. In addition to promoting the synergy of debates, FT will also aim to induce discussions on the subject between internal groups, when necessary, and create bridges between external strategic actors.

Beto Mesquita, Director of Forestry and Public Policy at BVRio, and member of the Strategic Group (GE) and co-leader of the Coalition’s Public Policy dialogue and Economic Instruments Forum, explains the main reasons for the creation of the FT and how it will act. “The Coalition is always referencing itself in different provisions provided for in the Forest Code, which is therefore its main regulatory foundation. It’s not the only one, but it’s definitely the main thing.”

The first meeting of the new FT is expected to take place later this month.

Read more about this initiative from Beto here.