AmazoniAtiva store launches on Americanas Social shopping platform

Today, BVRio’s bioeconomy initiative AmazoniAtiva, the online showcase of natural products from the Amazon, launched a new online store on the Americanas Social shopping platform, the pioneering social marketplace of Americanas which brings together products from social enterprises on the brand’s website and app, with all the profit reverted to the causes.

The launch was marked with a broadcast on BVRio’s YouTube channel hosted by BVRio Director of Forests and Public Policies, Beto Mesquita, and featuring special guests, Mariana Araújo (Sustainability Coordinator of Americanas S.A), Bia Saldanha (economist and social entrepreneur), Felipe Bannitz (Director of Mandu Consulting), Antonio Kleder Bezerra da Silva (entrepreneur of Acre Biojoias) and Mareilde Freire de Almeida (entrepreneur of Saboaria Rondônia).

Watch a short video about the project on BVRio YouTube.

Created in 2019, AmazoniAtiva was designed as part of the climate change governance strategy for the state of Rondônia and grew to become a digital hub offering solutions in marketing, logistics and planning for the bioeconomy. Currently, it brings together around 70 partners and already benefits more than 6000 people in the nine states which make up the Amazon. For the launch on Americanas, seven of the partners were selected to be featured; Acre Biojóias, Cocoa River, Coomflona, Ekilibre, SaboariaRondônia, Farofa of the Amazon and Gaia Craft, which are all producers of coffees, farofa, chocolate, cosmetics, biojewellery and certified wood crafts. The producers themselves are all indigenous people, quilombolas, industrialists, SMEs, family farmers and female leaders, representing the full diversity of Amazon producers.

BVRio’s Director of Forestry and Public Policy, Beto Mesquita, commented, “The purpose of AmazoniAtiva is to promote the development of the bioeconomy, creating a connection between entrepreneurs, investors and consumers. Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the initiative values the creativity and production capacity of indigenous communities.”

“One of the criteria is the partner’s commitment to a production model which is inclusive and accountable, which promotes respect for cultural diversity and sustainability in the region.” Added Renato Castro, Design & Sustainable Wood Manager at BVRio.

Expanding the visibility of causes and works of NGOs partnerships, such as AmazoniAtiva, the social marketplace of Americanas gives prominence to micro and small entrepreneurs, promoting income generation, inclusion and reduction of inequalities. “Americanas Social’s goal is to use our robust marketplace platform and logistics intelligence to connect producers from all over Brazil with quality and confidence to a giant market with an active base of 49 million customers,” explains Jean Lessa, Director of marketplace at Americanas S.A. At Americanas Social, 100% of the profit is reverted to institutions.

“We are including these artisans and communities on the e-commerce map, with a range of content, solutions and technologies that contribute to the development of their business. With this, we also strengthen our purpose of adding what the world has to improve people’s lives”, adds Jean Lessa.

According to a document published by the Government of Amazonas, the bioeconomy refers to market structures based on products and processes starting from four guiding principles; biodiversity conservation, science and technology aimed at sustainable use of socio-biodiversity, reduction of social inequalities and territorial areas, and the expansion of biodiversity and sustainable forested areas. “Valuing networks of productive knowledge in the region and promoting them in Americanas will also create more visibility to accelerate the promotion of the economy in the nine states of the Amazon.” added Beto Mesquita.