Due Diligence & Risk Assessment system. What’s new?

Are you buying timber from Brazil?

BVRio Due Diligence and Risk Assessment (DDRA) system makes it easy and straightforward for you to trace the supply chain of a timber consignment. We help you reduce your risk of buying illegally traded timber and to comply with EUTR and other timber regulations. We also provide a full consultancy service for our clients.

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Why is BVRio’s DDRA the best DD system available for timber from Brazil today?

Our DDRA system has been used over 27 000 times by major timber traders in the US and in Europe.  Our system compiles and interprets all the relevant information to detect risks of illegality, from official databases and GIS information, to internal analysis. It assesses the risk within a timber supply chain, fulfilling the risk assessment component of a due diligence exercise for the purposes of the EUTR or other timber regulations.




How does the DDRA system work?

1. Analysis of the supply chain consistency

  • Transport authorisation is verified in the official system
  • No previous use of transport authorisation document in BVRio
  • Compatibility of species – analysing mismatches between documents and scientific growth records
  • Compatibility of volumes (conversion rates)
  • Compatibility of dates of the sequence of documents
  • Compatibility of transportation route

2. Supplier-related risks. We provide all the information!

  • Logging permit (AUTEF/AUTEX)
  • Environmental licenses
  • Federal infractions – we provide the value of the fine, the official infraction number, on the legal basis of the fine and its status
  • Federal embargoes
  • Slave labour records
  • Track Record (Supplier)
  • Track Record (Technical Manager)
  • Logging area (overlap/protected areas)
  • Inventory (valuable species)
  • Logging operation (signs of degradation)

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