State of Amazonas, FAS and BVRio launch Environmental Services Platform at COP 22 Marrakech

Last week, during Conference on Climate COP 22, the State of Amazonas Sustentável launched the Amazonas Environmental Services Platform, an online registry and trading platform developed and operated by BVRio Environmental Exchange.


Amazonas Environmental Services Platform at COP22. Foto: Marina Souza (FAS)

The platform was developed by BVRio and includes, initially, a registry of REDD projects, a trading platform for Forest Reserve Credits, and a module for rural landowners to make the CAR registration of their farms.

At the time of the launch, the platform will list 8 initiatives already on going or under development, including the Juma Sustainable Development Reserve project. The emission reductions derived from these projects amount to more than 12 million tCO2e, and part of this volume is still available.

PT_Amazonas_Virgílio Viana (FAS)_Pedro Costa (BVRio)_Stroski (Sec. AM)

Virgílio Viana (FAS), Pedro Costa (BVRio) e Stroski (Sec. MA) has received certificates. Foto: Marina Souza (FAS)

This online platform enables the Amazonas government to track its various environmental services, starting with its emission reductions, and to facilitate fundraising with public, private and multilateral organisations while also contributing to the Brazilian NDC.