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Approaches to sustainability in Brazilian agriculture: Combining environmental conservation with economic growth

PlanaFlor, a unique and strategic plan for implementing the Forest Code, stands out as it complements Brazil’s recently launched National Programme for Converting Degraded Pastures (PNCPD). This alignment is not just crucial, it’s a game-changer, ensuring that the broad goals set by the PNCPD for pasture recovery are not just met, but exceeded. PlanaFlor’s detailed […]


Deforestation risk assessment tool hits 11,000 searches in first three months

BVRio’s new free soy production map and tool for assessing deforestation and conversion of native vegetation at the farm level for production areas in the Brazilian Cerrado region, has seen over 11,000 searches conducted in its first three months, by 1,400 unique users.  “The speed at which this tool has been used is fantastic, and […]